Colesbourne Park

'England's Greatest Snowdrop Garden'

To offer our customers the very best quality snowdrop plants, we grow our sales stock in pots. This means that the roots are not damaged when lifting, and that you receive a flourishing plant that has received no setbacks. It can also be enjoyed as a potted plant, and does not need immediate care on your return home. Prompt planting in the garden will offer the best chance of long-term success, however.

Our priority is to ensure that the garden display remains as fine as ever, selling plants only when stocks are sufficient. Many varieties are slow to multiply and demand is often heavy, so some are offered in very small numbers only. We operate a strictly first-come, first-served policy. Please email your order to a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your order. You can also download a sales catalogue and fill the order form in Sales Catalogue 2019 

We regret that we no longer offer mail order purchase of snowdrops. Sales will be at the open days only, but plants may be reserved for collection. Please specify which weekend, study day (only if attending) or tour (only if attending) you would like to collect your order.

SPECIAL OFFER for the FINAL WEEKEND ONLY '2 for 1' on many of our snowdrop plants we have for sale.